Create stock solutions in seconds with our mM EasyPacks

Use our mM EasyPacks for quick stock solutionsNo weighing, no fuss – just add water!

Our mM EasyPacks are designed to make it quick and easy to make a stock solution – just add 1 mL of water to get an exact concentration

  • No weighing
  • No molar calculations
  • Fast, easy and low-cost

mM EasyPacks

The following products are available in mM EasyPacks:


How do I prepare stock solutions with mM EasyPacks?

Let’s use NBQX disodium salt as an example.  NBQX disodium salt is available in a 50 mM EasyPack. All you need to do is to add 1mL of water to the vial, and ensure that your product is completely dissolved. You then have 1mL of a 50 mM stock solution of NBQX.

Of course, you can prepare different concentrations by changing how much water you use. To obtain a 5 mM concentration, add 1 mL of water to the vial, and ensure that the product is completely dissolved. Then transfer your 1 mL to a bigger vial, and add 9 more mL of water. Vortex or shake to ensure thorough mixing. You then have 10 mL of a 5 mM stock solution of NBQX disodium salt.

How is this different to the mg pack sizes?

For those products that are supplied in milligram (mg) pack sizes, the amount of product in the vials isn’t weighed out accurately enough for direct addition of solution (they are typically ‘overpacked’ to ensure that you have sufficient product).

Therefore, when using a product in a mg pack size, you should calculate the mass of product that you need to make a solution of your desired concentration (See the Hello Bio Molarity Calculator), in your desired volume. You must then weigh out the quantity of product that you require, and add your calculated volume of solution.

mM EasyPacks have been prepared in a different way, to ensure that there is an exact amount of product in the vial. This means that you can add a specific amount of solvent directly to the vial to give a solution of known concentration.


Need more help with preparing solutions?

Check out the Hello Bio Molarity Calculator and the Hello Bio Dilution Calculator, or visit our Technical Support pages