Low prices, high quality - what's it all about?

Hello Bio - low prices, high qualityHello Bio was founded by a team of experienced scientists and chemists who genuinely want to support life science research. Our aim is to manufacture and supply a range of high quality life science tools at prices so low that as many researchers as possible will be able to afford them.

We offer a range of agonists, antagonists, inhibitors, activators, antibodies and fluorescent tools at up to half the price of other suppliers. Check out our price comparison table to see for yourself, and to find out how we can offer such low prices. The range includes:

With an expert chemistry team, we also offer a cost effective custom synthesis service for customers requiring specialist tools, or bulk quantities.

Guaranteed quality and trusted products

Highly Commended in the Researchers' Choice Category, CiteAb Awards 2021Based in purpose-built labs in the UK, we have decades of chemistry manufacturing and QC experience. Our products are of the highest quality, and for your reassurance, are all covered by the Hello BioPromise quality guarantee.

Hear it from our customers all over the world

But don’t just take our word for it – lots of scientists all over the world are now discovering Hello Bio – from PhD students to Professors. We are proud to have been Highly Commended in the Researchers' Choice category of the CiteAb awards 2021. And, you can find out what customers are saying in the lab about Hello Bio!

Meet the team

We are a team of scientists and friends who have worked in labs and understand the challenges that researchers face on a day to day basis. We have also brought together a team of eminent scientists with extensive research backgrounds to form our Scientific Advisory Board. We really feel that we bring empathy as well as expertise to our life science colleagues...

Steve Roome PhD, Managing DirectorSteve Roome PhD - Managing Director

I have many friends and colleagues who work in research, and I suppose that being aware of their daily struggles, managing budgets, trying to source quality products and obtain research grants, has led to the birth of Hello Bio. I obtained a PhD in chemistry at Nottingham University, UK, and have had a varied career in life science companies such as Tocris Cookson (now Tocris Bioscience), GE Healthcare (formerly Amersham), Ascent Scientific and Abcam. I founded Hello Bio with the simple aim of helping my friends – and it’s great that more and more scientists are finding us and benefiting from Hello Bio!” Steve Roome PhD - Managing Director

James Flanaghan, Head of Product Development
James Flanaghan – Head of Product Development

Managing the product development side of things at Hello Bio is challenging – but satisfying. My team has quickly built a range of antibodies, small molecule biochemicals, fluorescent tools and proteins and peptides in response to requests from scientists. As well as products that you might use every day, I am keen on finding those exciting, first-of-their-kind tools that could maybe take your research down a different path – or give you a new avenue to explore, that you might never have thought about. If you have one of those hidden gems in your lab – please talk to me!” James Flanaghan - Head of Product Development


Sam Roome, PhD, Director of MarketingSam Roome PhD - Director of Marketing

I obtained my PhD in pharmacology at the University of Bristol, and over the years have worked with a number of life science companies, including Tocris Bioscience, Ascent Scientific and Abcam. As a founder, and Director of Marketing for Hello Bio, my main aim is to raise awareness of Hello Bio amongst my fellow scientists. We genuinely believe that we have something good worth shouting about! My team is continually working with our customers, listening to feedback, and finding ways to make sure our customers receive information that is relevant and useful to them – we are definitely not about hard selling, or spamming of scientists with endless emails! Sam Roome PhD - Director of Marketing

Paula Klockner - Head of US Operations

I have a degree in Business and decades of experience in customer service management, including thirteen years in the scientific research field, working in companies such as S.E.D.E.R.E., Ascent Scientific and Abcam. This experience has helped me to hone in on the specific needs of researchers and I really look forward to the calls and emails from customers telling me their latest news, and how well Hello Bio products are working for them. Customer Service is not just a job for me. It is a way of life. From my personal accomplishment of being a member of the Veterans Advisory Commission for Mercer County Community College, looking for ways to better serve our veterans, to my role at Hello Bio – helping researchers get the most from our exciting company - I take a huge pride in providing exceptional customer care – both in work, and outside of work. Paula Klockner - Head of US Operations

Richard Patterson, PhD, Head of Chemistry
Richard Patterson PhD - Head of Chemistry

I completed my PhD in chemistry at Cardiff University many years ago, and since then have gained valuable experience working both in academic and commercial settings – the University of Bath, Onyx Scientific, Ascent Scientific and Abcam Biochemicals for example. I love chemistry – and I really get a buzz from the particular challenges that working with Hello Bio brings – streamlining and refining our chemical manufacturing techniques – so that we can really offer the highest quality chemical research tools at the lowest price possible. Richard Patterson PhD - Head of Chemistry