ValidAbs™ - a unique, highly validated range of data-rich antibodies


Struggling with data reproducibility? Wasting time with poorly validated antibodies?

We know that many researchers struggle to reproduce data, suffer with poorly validated antibodies and waste valuable time in the lab. To help, Hello Bio now brings you ValidAbs™, a highly validated, affordable range of data-rich antibodies for life science research. With ValidAbs™, we can help to improve research outcomes, reduce animal wastage and increase trust in the quality of antibody-driven life science research.

ValidAbs™ are a ground-breaking range of affordable antibodies, carefully curated and comprehensively validated:

ValidAbs™ - Consistency & Reliability

  • Every antibody validated by in-house experts
  • Every batch undergoes Quality Control
  • Shipped as a more stable lyophilisate* 
  • Stability tested
  • Transparent data - shared with you on Open Source

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ValidAbs™ - Giving You Confidence & Saving You Time


You can view the full ValidAbs™ range here and highlights include:

*in some instances, where the product is not suitable for lyophilisation, it will be shipped with ice packs to ensure optimal product stability.


Protocols & Resources

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