How to Store and Handle Antibodies

For the best performance of Hello Bio antibody products we recommend the following storage and handling advice:

Formulation and stability data

Your antibody will either be supplied as:

  • Lyophilised solid with 1% recombinant albumin
  • 50% glycerol, 50% PBS with 1% recombinant albumin

Information about the formulation and stability testing of each antibody is available in the product specific storage and care instructions accompanying each product.


Upon receipt of antibodies

Upon receipt of goods the antibody should be stored at -20°C irrespective of formulation with there being no need to snap freeze. When the antibody is needed for experimental use we suggest one of the following options:


Storage Temp




shelf life

Lyophilised antibodies

50% glycerol, 50% PBS antibodies


Reconstitute with dH2O (volume dependent upon pack size) and store at 4°C

Not recommended


  • Avoids freeze-thaw cycles 
  • Easy and quick 
  • Keeps antibodies in liquid form, which is convenient for frequently used antibodies
  • Limited shelf-life 
  • Potential for contamination of entire stock 

1 month


Reconstitute with a 50:50 ratio of dH2O and glycerol and directly store at -20°C

Directly store at -20°C

  • Avoids freeze-thaw cycles
  • Easy and quick
  • Keeps antibodies in in a liquid form that enables pipetting
  • Increased shelf-life. 
  • For rarely used products the 1yr shelf life may not be sufficient
  • Harder to accurately pipette due to high viscosity.
  • Potential for contamination of entire stock

12 months


Reconstitute with 100µl of dH2O then aliquot. Snap freeze aliquots in liquid nitrogen

Aliquot then snap freeze aliquots in liquid nitrogen

  • Almost indefinite shelf life when stored at -80ºC
  • No potential for contamination of entire antibody stock due to individual aliquots.


  • Requires a supply of liquid nitrogen for snap-freezing
  • Aliquoting is time consuming and can lead to potential wastage unless aliquot volumes are carefully planned
  • Requires travelling away from the bench to the -80ºC freezer every time an antibody aliquot is required.
  • Potential for difficulties in recovery in small volumes (≤5µl) stored over long periods of time due to evaporation and adhesion of the antibodies to the tube.



For lyophilised antibodies take care when opening as the precipitate is extremely light and can easily be lost if disturbed. When reconstituting make sure that the antibody is thoroughly dissolved by pipetting up and down before giving the antibody a brief spin at <10,000g to make sure that all material is recovered and at the bottom of the tube.


General precautions when working with antibodies

To ensure the best performance of Hello Bio antibody products we advise adherence to the following precautions:

  • Thaw frozen antibody aliquots in your hand or lukewarm water bath quickly and keep it on ice after thawing. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles as this can reduce the activity of antibodies. Make sure any fridges or freezers used are designed for laboratory use and are not of a frost-free or auto-defrost design.
  • Do not store antibodies at working dilution for longer than a day to prevent deterioration in performance.
  • Make sure to briefly centrifuge the antibody before use so that any trapped in the lid is brought down to the bottom.


Further information

For further information, support or technical advice: