Scientist Approved

Scientist Approved
7 years ago

Scientist Approved

Look out for our ‘Scientist Approved' seal. When you see this on a product it means that the product has been:

  • cited in the scientific literature,
  • reviewed by scientists on our website,
  • or biologically tested in the lab by scientists

Here are just a few examples of the 'Scientist Approved' seal in action…

  • Tetrodotoxin citrate: biologically tested, with three 5* reviews from scientists, and 1 citation
  • D-AP5: biologically tested, five 5* reviews from scientists, 3 citations
  • NBQX disodium salt: biologically tested, 6 reviews from scientists, 1 citation
  • SR 95531 (gabazine) hydrobromide: biologically tested, 4 citations, three 5* reviews from scientists
  • Cmpd101: biologically tested, two 5* reviews from scientists and 5 citations
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