The Science PhD Survival Pack

The Science PhD Survival Pack
3 years ago

The Science PhD Survival Pack

Undertaking a science PhD is no easy feat. But help is at hand! Whether you are writing up your dissertation, struggling in the lab, or a new PhD student, we have lots of resources to support you on a whole range of PhD-related topics - everything you need to survive what may be one the toughest (and rewarding) periods in your life!

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Help with all things PhD!

Thanks to some amazing guest authors and a dedicated team at Hello Bio, we have some great resources to help, wherever you are in your PhD journey. New resources are being added all the time and you can see them all here. Take a look below at some of our most popular articles:


For New PhD Students

PhD Success & Productivity


Mental Health & Wellbeing During your PhD


Useful Skills for your PhD & Beyond...

Help From Your Peers


Writing Up your Dissertation / Thesis


Defending your Dissertation (Viva)


After Your Science PhD


More General Support for Life Scientists

And if you are looking for more general help writing papers, presenting at conferences, networking or lots more, we have a huge range of articles covering lots of topics - just click below:


Advice and guidance for life scientists

Apply for an Early Career Scientist Grant

Every month, we give away a $500 Early Career Scientist Grant (or the equivalent value depending on where you live) to a life scientist. This fund is available to any current life science post-graduate or post-doctoral researcher who has received their highest degree (BSc, MSc or PhD) within the past 10 years. The grant can be used for anything to help you further your scientific career and it's really quick and easy to apply - find out more here.

Our past winners have used the fund to attend conferences, purchase reagents and publish papers. What's more, every Early Career Scientist Grant winner has the opportunity to feature on our blog and social media channels if they want to!


Molarity Calculator

Molarities are easy to get into a muddle with. We’ve all been there. We created our molarity calculator to provide a fast and easy way to calculate the mass, volume, or concentration required for making a solution.

Dilution Calculator

Yep, we do love a calculator! Our dilution calculator is there to help you work out how to dilute stock solutions of known concentrations.

Finding That Perfect Product...

When you get to the stage of planning your experiments, don't forget that we offer a range of agonists, antagonists, inhibitors, activators, antibodies and fluorescent tools that are really low cost (yes - they really are around half the price of other suppliers!) You can use our Quick Multi-Search Tool to search for lots of products in one go, and the range includes:


And finally, don't forget to check back in with our blog regularly for more PhD focused content! If there’s something you’d love to contribute to the community, whether that’s an interview or article, drop us a line at


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