Ten Clever Christmas Decorations for Scientists

Ten Clever Christmas Decorations for Scientists
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3 months ago

Ten Clever Christmas Decorations for Scientists

Christmas is just around the corner and here at Hello Bio we’re starting to add a little festive cheer to our offices and labs with some colourful December decorations! If you’re doing the same in your home or lab this week, why not take a look at this great selection of science-themed Christmas ornaments that will add a little something extra to your tree this year!

Give your celebrations a science-themed twist with these fabulous offerings, including mulled wine microscope slides, DIY lab-themed sewing kits, beautiful blue Erlenmeyer beakers, and even an embroidered Charles Darwin! There’s something for neuroscientists, chemists, and even the kids in this list of Ten Cracking Christmas Decorations for Scientists!


1. Human Brain Ceramic Tree Decoration

Neuroscientists! Brighten up the branches of your Christmas tree this year with a brain-themed piece of modern art from Zazzle. This beautifully crafted ceramic ornament will give an extra splash of colour to any life scientist’s tree!

More info: https://ow.ly/5JER50Qfrmv


2. My Chemical Christmas Tree Decorations

Want your Christmas tree to be more chemis-tree this year?! These ceramic decorations are the perfect gift for the chemist in your life, and will add a unique ‘element’ to your festivities! Handmade by Judith Hobbs Studio Pottery in Bristol, UK, customers can choose from caffeine, adrenaline, dopamine or serotonin formulas to hang from their branches.

More info: https://ow.ly/Plhb50Qfrtx


3. Microscope Slide Tree Ornaments

Your Christmas party guests will be taking a much closer look at your tree with these real glass microscope slide ornaments! Each slide is labelled with a sample type, along with its Latin name, featuring snowman, mulled wine, brussel sprouts and figgy pudding! An ideal secret Santa gift for any scientist, from BabySTEMpire on Etsy.

More info: https://ow.ly/KiaH50Qfrwn


4. Cell Structure Christmas Baubles

For a more traditional look with a science-themed twist, why not take a look at these elegant baubles from The Olde Christmas Shoppe! These eye-catching cell structure Christmas tree decorations come in sets of 3 featuring beautiful blue, purple and pink designs.

More info: https://ow.ly/PnrB50Qfryc


5. Giant Microbes Christmas Box Set

Add a little fun to your tree this year with these soft microbe hanging tree decorations from Planet Microbe. This set of 5 festive characters features a sperm cell, an egg cell, a heart of gold, a brain cell and a white blood cell who are all dressed up for the holidays! Also available are COVID cell and vaccine sets, as well as a ‘topical’ winter germ set of characters - although you might prefer to avoid those this Christmas!

More info: https://ow.ly/QFam50QfrAA


6. Science Beaker Tree Ornament

Lab scientists will love this cute Erlenmeyer flask tree ornament from Old World Christmas. Standing at 3.5 inches in height, this delightful hand-painted and glittered blue beaker will add some conical sparkle to your tree this year.

More info: https://oldworldchristmas.com/products/science-beaker-ornament


7. Greatest Scientists Tree Ornament Set

Celebrate your science heroes this Christmas with this fantastic set of 8 ‘Greatest Scientists’ tree ornaments. These ceramic hanging decorations from My Science Boutique feature artistic depictions of the greats, including Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking, Rosalind Franklin, Galileo Galilei, Ivan Pavlov and Nikola Tesla.

More info: https://ow.ly/XJ8J50QfrFU


8. DIY Flask Ornament Sewing Kit

If you’re feeling crafty this Christmas and would like to make your own science-themed tree decorations, the fantastic folk at The Chemist Tree have a selection of sewing kits just for you! Create your own lab beakers and flasks, as well as a mini beaker plush toy! The kits have everything you’ll need including precut fabric, ribbon, needle and threads, and are suitable for both adults and children aged 8 and up.

More info: https://ow.ly/4Irt50QfrIc


9. Charles Darwin Embroidered Decoration

Another lovely addition to any Christmas tree this year are these cute Charles Darwin decorations from the Natural History Museum. These beautifully embroidered hanging ornaments stand at 11cm high, and are the perfect festive tribute to the father of evolution. Also available is Mary Anning, the pioneer of palaeontology, as well as a great selection of dinosaurs including a T-Rex in a Christmas jumper!

More info: https://www.nhmshop.co.uk/charles-darwin-embroided-decoration.html


10. Lab Equipment Wooden Decoration Set

Keep your younger ones busy this Christmas with this great set of 12 wooden science-themed ornaments from Blulu. The brightly-coloured selection features school science lab equipment including a magnifying glass, telescope, globe and petri dish, and comes with ‘easy-hang’ red ribbons for little hands to help with the decorating.

More info: https://ow.ly/1gUS50QfrKE



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