Christmas gifts for scientists – my Santa list

Christmas gifts for scientists – my Santa list
4 years ago

Christmas gifts for scientists – my Santa list

I love science accessories - they are fun and a great way to proudly show off your geeky side! I often get asked where I find them so in this article I have included some of the amazing suppliers of unique science gifts that I have come across - offering everything from pins to skirts, dresses, necklaces with personalised data and even cookie cutters. I hope you’ll find present ideas for that special scientist in your life, or even to put on your own Christmas list. Enjoy!

For a scientist who loves baking...

For the scientist in your life that likes baking, let’s start with the amazing cookie cutters from Bakerlogy. My favourite as a neuroscientist is obviously their brain design but they have a huge range of sciences and subjects - DNA, cells, antibodies and tardigrades to name just a few.

I’ve tried my brain cookie cutter at home and can report great results!

For the proud scientist

Jewelry customised with your own data

Ontogenie has an original range of science jewelry, with some very beautiful and unique designs for pendant necklaces, bracelets but also cufflinks, tie bars and pins. But my favorite thing in this shop is the customized data jewelry. You can personalise pendants or tie bars with 3D-modeled scientific graphs that can illustrate your own, or a colleague's great results. Best present ever for a PhD defense or to celebrate a paper!

Pins and more:

At Science On a Postcard you can find enamel pins, stickers, notepads and notebooks. I love the fact that they have a big choice to match any speciality: biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, neuroscience and more. Of course I have asked Santa for the ‘Science Communicator’ pin this year.

For the scientist who likes to sew

If you know someone who likes to sew, Spoonflower is a fantastic fabric shop offering lots of science fabrics. You pick the print you like and you can order a wide range of different fabrics to create whatever you want, outfits, home decorations, bags... or masks!

For the scientist who likes to look smart

Shenova fashion has amazing science themed dresses, skirts and men’s ties. It’s hard to decide what pattern you should wear, they all look fabulous! Neurons, synapses, dark matter, brains, dopamine and more...

For the scientist who loves their jewelry

There are quite a few science jewelry shops online, but here are my favorites:

Science Inspired Jewelry has one of the widest range of science jewelry and very pretty products. They have necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. My favourite ones are the 3D molecules like this oxytocin one (pictured left). And for those that can’t quite run to a diamond necklace, why not get a necklace incorporating a 3D sculpture of a diamond crystal instead? The perfect way to wear a giant diamond, science style!

Another great jewelry shop is Two Photons Art, where they have beautiful earrings and necklaces and some original and unusual science enamel pins (even Drosophila!)

Independent sellers platform: Etsy

Etsy is a platform for independent sellers. Here you can find lots of different things like clothing, jewelry, stationery, accessories, kid’s stuff and more. There’s so much choice, so I recommend visiting this platform for yourself and just having a browse!

Turn your own data, images & designs into gifts: Redbubble

One of my favorite platforms is Redbubble, for two reasons. Firstly, you can find amazing science designs from independent artists for pretty much anything including clothing, baby clothing, home accessories, stationary, stickers, phone or laptop accessories and more. Secondly, you can easily upload your own artwork and print it on many different items. If you have a stunning microscope picture, an electrophys trace, a fun graph, photos or even graphic designs you can show them off and get them printed on virtually anything. I have bought lots of things from this shop and I love it. It’s also a very nice way to support designers too.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of Christmas science gifts. Good luck with finding the perfect gift for yourself or that special scientist in your life - happy shopping!


A PhD neuroscientist, Elodie founded the Pint of Science festival in France and is a passionate science communicator.

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