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Agonists, antagonists, antibodies, fluorescent tools…but Hello Bio is more than a catalogue of life science tools. We are a team of researchers and scientists, who genuinely want to support and promote life science research. Everything we do has this at its heart – we strive to make our range as affordable as possible, we listen to what you want, and we contribute financially where we can, to travel awards, conferences and studentships.

Travel grants available now - it's easy and quick to apply!

travel grants available from Hello Bio

We are delighted to announce that every month we award a travel grant of $500.

There are no complicated rules or terms and conditions – you just need to be a post-graduate or post-doctoral researcher attending a relevant conference, and be able to tell us why you think you deserve it. However, to make it fair to all, there are a few requirements:

  • you need to be a current post-graduate or post-doctoral researcher
  • you must provide a detailed breakdown of what the money will be used for, and what funding (if any) you have already obtained. Things we are looking for are direct travel costs, or registration fees - not your beer supply for the week!
  • and finally - after you have submitted your application, we will need a short statement from your supervisor / PI to confirm your application.


Assuming the above requirements are met, we will enter you into the monthly draw:

  • One travel award will be allocated every month.
  • A draw will be made on the first Thursday of each month – so just make sure your application is in before then.
  • Winners will be notified immediately and announced monthly.
  • If winners are presenting, we ask that you acknowledge Hello Bio's financial support on your poster, or in your communication, and send us a copy.
  • You may enter each month but to be fair to all - if you win a travel award, you will not be eligible to enter again for a period of 12 months.
  • As is usual with these sorts of things - we do reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Good luck!

Dorte Schulte Travel Award WinnerJanuary 2020 Winner

Dörte Schulte is a researcher working at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and is researching the role of the VEGFC/VEGFR3 pathway in lymphatic development. The award will help fund a trip to the Gordon Research Conference “The Growth and Function of Lymphatics for Therapeutic Targeting During Development and Disease”.

I am really happy to travel to the Gordon Research Conference with your help! This conference will be packed with interesting people in sunny California and will be a great experience. Dörte Schulte, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany, Hello Bio travel award winner

Cintia Stival, Hello Bio travel award winnerDecember 2019 Winner

Cintia Stival is a postdoctoral researcher working at the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Rosario in Argentina. Her research fouces on on how mammalian sperm get ready to fertilize an oocyte in a process called “capacitation”. The award will help fund her trip to the American Society of Andrology annual meeting in Philadelphia, USA

I was truly thrilled to know that I had received the Hello Bio travel grant. This award will allow me to share my research with respected scientists from around the globe and keep expanding the knowledge we generate at our lab in the field of male reproduction. I’m very excited with the opportunity and really grateful because these experiences wouldn’t  be possible for most trainees if it weren’t for this kind of financial support. Thank you Hello Bio for getting me closer to this dream!. Cintia Stival, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Rosario, Argentina, Hello Bio travel award winner

Sonia Shah, Hello Bio, Travel Award WinnerNovember 2019 Winner

Sonia Shah is a researcher working at the University of Queensland and is researching the link between cardiovascular and neurological disease. The award will help fund the trip to Gordon Research Conference on Angiotensin which brings together experts on the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system

I’m thrilled to have been awarded the Hello Bio travel grant which will support my attendance of the Gordon Research Conference on Angiotensin. I found out at almost the same time that I was selected from the conference abstract submissions for an oral presentation. So it’s been a double celebration! Being able to present my work and meet global experts on this topic will be invaluable for progressing my research. Sonia Shah, Hello Bio travel award winner

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