Ten of Our Favourite Science Memes

Ten of Our Favourite Science Memes
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7 years ago

Ten of Our Favourite Science Memes

We really do love to have a laugh here at Hello Bio. And as a team of scientists, it’s usually the case that we’re laughing about something science-related.

For the last few months, we’ve been sharing the science memes and jokes that have made us chuckle the most over on our social media channels. So, we thought we’d bring them all together into one blog post and share them with you!

Some are clever, some entirely relatable, and some are just, well, pretty silly actually – we hope that they raise a smile and brighten your day.

10.Things we learned in chemistry class

There are several chemists on the Hello Bio team, and they were all in agreement that this was probably up there with the top skills obtained during their studies.

Image credit: Science Memes

9. Acid with attitude

We’ve got to admit, we’re suckers for a good old-fashioned pun. This one got a few giggles (and groans!) in the office when we shared it.

Image credit: Science Memes

8. That feeling when you finally get to do this...

We’re not only science geeks, we’re maths geeks too. And that means we can only imagine how brilliant this felt.

Image credit: Science Memes

7. Surprise!

Of course, our expert chemists are rarely surprised or astonished. Maybe just secretly thrilled...

Image credit: Science Memes

6. Samuel D Jackson

This is one for all your chiral chemists (and Samuel L. Jackson fans) out there. It’s also our Marketing Director Sam’s favourite science meme of all time.

Image credit: www.chemscrapes.net

5. The Name's Bond, Hydrogen Bond

When we interviewed Lucka Bibic for our Interviews with Scientists series, she shared that this was her favourite science meme. We must confess, it made us chuckle too!

Image credit: Victims of Circumsolar

4. Ho, Ho, Ho

Ok, so this is a seasonal one, but our chemists couldn’t resist sharing it in our round-up.

Image credit: Science Memes

3. Chemistry Cat

We enjoy most of the Chemistry Cat memes (if you’re not familiar, you can view the most notable ones here), so we couldn’t resist making this one out of our MD Steve’s favourite science joke.

2. Paranormal Distribution

After this, we’re pretty sure we'll never look at a bell curve in the same way again.

Image credit: Science Memes

1. And...another sodium joke (sorry)

If you thought you’d escaped with only one bad sodium joke, you’re wrong! Another giggle (or groan) inducing science pun, this one tickled us a lot.


What are your favourite science memes or jokes? If you come across any online that make you laugh out loud, we’d love you to share them with us on Twitter @hello_bio, or over on on our Facebook Page.

Have a brilliant day, and keep on smiling!


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