Supporting Women in STEM - Resources for Female Researchers

Supporting Women in STEM - Resources for Female Researchers
1 year ago

Supporting Women in STEM - Resources for Female Researchers

For women pursuing careers in STEM, the journey can feel like an uphill struggle. Inequality is still a huge problem in both industry and academia, with women frequently being overlooked for senior roles, or paid significantly less than their male counterparts.

Here at Hello Bio we’re proud to support and amplify the voices of female scientists through our blog which is packed with useful articles and resources. We love to share inspiring interviews and guest blogs written by fascinating women, which we hope help to motivate and support others.


Wise words from women in STEM

We’ve published some fantastic pieces over the years featuring thought-provoking ideas and practical advice for women facing challenges in their science careers. Take a look at some of our great articles below - and if you’re a woman in STEM who would like to share your story, please get in touch!


Gender Bias From A Woman In Science

Prominent American neuroscientist and professor Kay M. Tye shared a fantastic blog piece with us that remains one of the most-read guest articles on our website. She provides an honest and thought-provoking look at gender bias in science from a woman’s perspective.


Parenting and a Science Career: Perspectives of a Mother in Academia

Dr Justyna Hinchcliffe of the University of Bristol shared her thoughts on balancing a science career with the responsibilities of parenthood. With great advice on funding opportunities and other support sources, this article is a must for new scientist-parents, or those thinking about starting a family.


Overcoming Challenges as a Woman in STEM

In this great guest article, Gagandeep Kaur of Howard University, USA, considers the many challenges faced by female scientists and discusses practical solutions to enhance inclusivity for all.


10 Tips for Balancing Parenthood on the Path to Your PhD

Another look at the challenges faced by parents in academia came from Laura Geben of Vanderbilt University who shared 10 top tips for juggling parenthood with the pursuit of a PhD. In this great article she offers advice on setting priorities, understanding your limitations, asking for help, and much more.


Words of Wisdom from Women in STEM

In celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we picked out some great quotes from previous contributors to our blog including Dr Enitome Bafor, Rachelle Balez, Adviti Naik, Jazmine I Benjamin and many more.


Inspiring interviews & stories of success

Through our Interview with Scientists series we’ve been lucky enough to interview some inspirational women and dig deeper into their career journeys. We’re also passionate about highlighting female success stories that otherwise might have been missed. Check out some great examples below!


Ten Inspiring Women in Science History

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we took a closer look at the lives and careers of ten incredible women who achieved extraordinary things at a time when things were even tougher for female scientists.


10 Award-Winning Female Scientists You Should Know About

This blog celebrates 10 incredible women who have been recognised worldwide for their extraordinary achievements in science, including Jennifer Doudna, Cynthia Kenyon, Nina Tandon, Cornelia Bargmann and more.


Interviews with Scientists

Award-winning science communicator and author Dr Emily Grossman shared her career journey with us in this inspiring interview. She discussed her background as a cancer researcher and explained how her passion for scicomm turned into a TV and writing career!


Senior consultant at Diversity North Group, Joanne Kamens shared a fantastic insight into her career in this great interview. She discusses her work on diversity, equity and inclusion, and the importance of mentoring when it comes to championing women in STEM.


In 2019 we were honoured to speak to the eminent Professor Frances Separovic. She gave us a fantastic interview, sharing her career path, her thoughts on parenthood, and the female scientists she admires the most.


You can find many more great interviews with inspiring female scientists on our blog. Take a look through our archive of conversations here:


Other useful resources for women in STEM

Podcasts by Scientists: I Belong Here

Our regular Podcast by Scientists feature highlights some of the brilliant podcasts being created by life scientists. In 2021, we were particularly pleased to share the story behind the I Belong Here podcast, which Dr Noelia D Falcon created to share and celebrate the stories of women in STEM.


Promoting Diversity in STEM Online

In this guest article, authors Mackenzie Lemieux and Rebecca Zhang examine how we can better promote diversity in STEM online, with a focus on a unique scheme that uses Wikipedia to increase the representation of women in STEM.


If you enjoyed this article, why not check out the other resources available on our blog. We are passionate about supporting life scientists including early career life scientists and PhD students - with really low-priced reagents and biochemicals, early career scientist grants, and resources to help with both personal and professional development. We know how tough it is - so we hope you find these helpful!

More General Support for Life Scientists

For advice on writing papers, dissertations, presenting at conferences, wellbeing, PhD support, networking and lots more, we have a huge range of articles to help - just click below:

Advice and guidance for life scientists


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Technical resources

Try our Molarity Calculator: a quick and easy way to calculate the mass, volume or concentration required for making a solution.

Molarity Calculator

Try our Dilution Calculator: an easy way to work out how to dilute stock solutions of known concentrationsDilution Calculator

And finally, don't forget to check back in with our blog regularly for our latest articles. If there’s something you’d love to contribute to the community, whether that’s an interview or article, drop us a line at


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