Nominations Are Open For The Lab Heroes Awards™ 2022!

Nominations Are Open For The Lab Heroes Awards™ 2022!
2 years ago

Nominations Are Open For The Lab Heroes Awards™ 2022!

Calling all life scientists around the world! It’s time to nominate your inspirational colleagues for the Lab Heroes Awards™ 2022! Each year we ask you to tell us about the heroes who go above and beyond to help make your lab a better place!

Last year we received more than 500 nominations for 68 incredible life scientists from labs all around the world, and with entries from 20 different countries, our annual awards have become a truly global event! This year we will add all the nominations as they come in to our Lab Heroes gallery.

Now in their sixth year, the Lab Heroes Awards™ are your chance to celebrate the scientists who make – or who have made – a positive difference to you, your life, and your work. 

They might be a PI who has inspired you in your career path, a technician who supports you with your experiments, a fantastic mentor who knows how to motivate you, an exceptionally enthusiastic new PhD student, or simply someone with a BIG personality who makes your lab a fun place to work! In whatever way they’ve had a positive impact on your life and work, now is your chance to recognise and celebrate them.




Nominate your Lab Heroes from now until 7th December 2022, and put your lab and the brilliant life scientists who work in it in the spotlight. 

Top prizes for three lucky winners

This year we’ll be crowning three individual winners who will each receive:

  • $1000 Hello Bio vouchers for their lab;
  • $1000 career development grant (to use in any way you wish to further your science career)
  • And a Hello Bio goody bag! (we know this is the prize you're most excited for…)

Runners-up will receive:

  • A Hello Bio goody bag and certificate of commendation

Before nominating your Lab Hero, please view the Terms & Conditions for the Lab Heroes Awards™ 2022 here.




Do you have a lab hero in mind?

To nominate your colleague in the Lab Heroes Awards™ 2022, simply visit our nomination page, fill out your details and tell us why your lab hero deserves to win. You can see who has been nominated so far on our Lab Heroes gallery.

Please be as detailed as possible in your nominations to give our judges plenty of information, and please do include a photo (but make sure you have your nominee's permission), as we want to shout out to all our Lab Heroes nominees on social media to acknowledge them for the fantastic work they do.

This is your chance to tell us what makes this scientist really special, and why they deserve to be known outside the lab and around the world!


What makes a Lab Hero?

To give you an idea of the reasons you might nominate a Lab Hero, here are just a small handful of comments from previous years:

  • "He is somebody we look up to when we are stuck in our experiments. He is a great researcher and scientist, and always has innovative ideas for improvement of our research projects and experimental protocols."
  • "He is always ready to help even when he is busy himself."
  • "She is one of those rare people that becomes the glue that holds the lab together."
  • "Because she is the best and most motivated scientist I know. Even when she is literally drowning in work, she still takes the time to help and educate people around her."
  • "His enthusiasm for science is infectious and motivating, particularly when experimental progress is slow."
  • "He strives constantly to improve everything he can for students and staff alike, which takes a lot of perseverance to see through as he’s sometimes met with differences of opinion."
  • "She is a true team player, fun, pragmatic and always in a good mood. Our lab would not be the same without her."
  • "He has so many projects at the same time in his head and can think of details for each of them in minutes."
  • "He doesn't only provide a great contribution to science but he works every day to make our world a better place."
  • "She goes above and beyond every single day to make sure we have everything we need (and then some) to do all the crazy experiments that our hearts desire."
  • "She encourages all lab members to join social events outside the lab, often hosting or organizing events herself. Moreover, she ensures that we all celebrate the small victories."
  • "She is not only an amazing researcher, but also a tremendous teacher."
  • “Without him there would be chaos in the lab!"

Entry for the Lab Heroes Awards™ 2022 opens TODAY (7th November) and closes at 23:59 on 7th December 2022.

The awards will be judged by a panel from the Hello Bio Scientific Advisory board, and winners will be announced during the week commencing Monday 12th December. You can view the full T&Cs for the 2022 awards here.


Help us spread the word, and find more Lab Heroes!

This year, we want to reach and recognise even more Lab Heroes from all around the world.

Please share this blog post on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook using the hashtag #LabHeroes22, and tell all your scientist networks and colleagues how they can get involved too.




Meet all of our past Lab Heroes Awards™ Winners and Runners-Up over on our blog:


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