Covid-19: Practical Advice for Researchers

Covid-19: Practical Advice for Researchers
4 years ago

Covid-19: Practical Advice for Researchers

With all of the uncertainty around the world at this time, we want to do our very best to ensure that researchers around the world will still have access to our products, protecting the continuity and integrity of their research, where they are still able to do it. We have compiled some FAQs that might help to address some of your immediate practical concerns – but if we have missed any, please do add them to the Comments below. Please note that if you currently purchase your Hello Bio products from a distributor, you will need to contact them directly for their advice.

The scale and the impact that the Coronovirus pandemic is having on all aspects of our lives is becoming increasingly apparent - our physical health, emotional wellbeing, economic security, and the very fabric of our lives and society is changing. I'd like to reach out to our customers and the research community, to reassure you that we are working hard to keep, at least one small thing going - and that is your supply of research reagents and chemicals. We feel passionately that those who are currently able to continue their research, should not be stopped by a lack of resources and we will continue to support you for as long as we are able. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to healthcare workers, scientists, colleagues and friends all over the world who are affected by this crisis - and please, look after yourselves and those around you. Steve Roome PhD, CEO, Hello Bio

Do you still have stocks of products?

Yes - as nearly all of our products are made by our in-house chemists and our supply chains are carefully managed, we can reassure customers that the current Covid-19 outbreak should not affect stock supplies of our products. We also anticipate that we have enough stocks to cater for any increased demand of our products that might occur if other suppliers experience problems with their product supply chains. We are monitoring the situation carefully, and will keep you informed of any updates.

My institution is shut. Can I order products now, for delivery at a later date in the future, when my institution re-opens?

Yes – place your order as normal, and contact your local customer care team who will sort it all out for you.

Are you still able to ship to me?

We use FEDEX and DHL to ship our products, so as long as these couriers are still in operation, and shipping to and within your country, we will be able to ship to you. At the time of writing, we are unaware of any restrictions on the transport of goods across borders, and transit times are currently unaffected. You can read Fedex's response to the coronovirus here, and DHL's here.

What measures are you putting in place to ensure that Hello Bio is able to fulfil my order?

OK, so we have the products in stock, we have couriers who can ship the products, but we also need to make sure that we have staff onsite to be able to process and pack your order.

As such, all staff are following their local government advice, which includes:

  • Strict hygiene measures
  • Avoiding unnecessary contact,
  • Avoiding non-essential travel
  • Working from home where possible
  • and implementing self-isolation if anyone or anyone in the family is unwell

In addition, to this, we have introduced some further measures to protect our staff and our business operations:

Every team member has been allocated into multiple small teams. These teams are working in different zones onsite to avoid contact with one another as much as possible. They do not share kitchen, toilet, laboratory or office space. In addition, we have a number of teams working off-site, so that if one team onsite is unable to work (due to illness or self-isolation), another team can take over.

My organisation is not accepting any shipments, but I am still carrying out research – how can I receive products?

We will do everything we can to get your order to you – please contact our customer care teams, and we can discuss possible options.

You have delivered a product, but I cannot collect it from my Goods In / Stores Department – how long will the product last?

Provided that the Goods In / Stores department have stored the product as indicated on the product datasheet, and the vial is tightly sealed, then as a general guide you can store the product for up to 6 months. Many products will last longer than this so if you have any concerns or a query about a particular product, please do contact your local customer care team.

What are the chances that my delivery will be contaminated with Covid-19?

All products are packaged in clean laboratories, by staff wearing appropriate protective clothing (coats, gloves, safety glasses). Product outer tubes are cleaned with antibacterial wipes. We are confident that the inner product packaging (within the Fedex box or envelope) will not be contaminated with Covid-19. However, you must follow your organisation’s guidelines on receiving deliveries, which may for example include disinfecting or wiping down the outer packaging that you receive from couriers.


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