Congratulations to our 'Happy Lab' Grant Winner!

Congratulations to our 'Happy Lab' Grant Winner!
4 months ago

Congratulations to our 'Happy Lab' Grant Winner!

A big congratulations to Niamh O’Brien of the Ruepp Lab at Kings College London who has won our ‘Happy Lab’ Grant! She was picked from more than 130 entries to our prize draw after filling out our LabLife Conference 2024 survey!

Niamh collects a fabulous $500 to spend on something for her whole lab to enjoy! A happy lab environment is crucial for productivity, teamwork and success in science research, so we’re delighted to give an extra boost to Niamh’s team morale with our ‘Happy Lab’ Grant! 

We asked about her plans for the grant, and she told us how the money will be shared across two labs who’ve had a particularly successful year. She said:

I am absolutely delighted to receive the Hello Bio ‘Happy Lab’ Grant and I’m really looking forward to the LabLife Conference in January. I am planning on using this grant to buy some goodies for the Christmas party. I am part of two large lab groups, and we typically go all out with fancy dress and decorating our desks during the festive period. We’ve had a lot of success this year with paper publications, new PhD students joining, and fellowship applications, and this grant will help us celebrate all of our achievements this year! Niamh O'Brien, Ruepp Lab, Kings College London, UK - 'Happy Lab' Grant winner

We’re delighted to hear about the outstanding achievements of the Ruepp and Mizielinska Labs, and we hope they enjoy their festive celebrations!

Thanks to all the responses to our survey, planning is now well underway for our LabLife Conference (#LabLifeCon) which returns in January 2024. After our successful inaugural virtual event in 2022, where we invited passionate life scientists from around the world to share their knowledge, insight and experience of life inside and outside the lab, we’ll be back on Thursday 18th January 2024

With a half-day schedule of expertly curated peer-to-peer talks, the LabLife Conference 2024 will be packed full of talks and panels to support life science PhDs and postdocs to develop the lab AND life skills you need to build a successful life science career. Take a look back at last year’s highlights, and watch out for more announcements over the coming weeks!


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