Celebrating 20 Years of the Bristol Neuroscience BSC Programme!

Celebrating 20 Years of the Bristol Neuroscience BSC Programme!
1 year ago

Celebrating 20 Years of the Bristol Neuroscience BSC Programme!

We’re delighted to be supporting the University of Bristol’s Neuroscience department as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Neuroscience BSC Programme!

In 2003, the Departments of Anatomy and Physiology combined their joint neuroscience expertise in research and teaching to create a new BSc degree in Neuroscience. The merger with the Department of Pharmacology created the School of Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience, which now runs the Neuroscience Degree Programme.

The department will mark the milestone tomorrow (31st March) with a half-day celebration event of talks reflecting on the advances in Neuroscience as well as thoughts from staff and students on the impact of Neuroscience on their careers. Hello Bio are delighted to be sponsoring the event.

Sam Roome, our Director of Marketing at Hello Bio, is an alumni of Bristol’s Pharmacology department, and our co-founder and CEO Steve Roome will be in attendance to share more information about our products and to host a fun prize draw!

Sam shared her thoughts about Bristol Neuroscience. She said:

"I have always been proud to be an alumni of Bristol University – I did a BSc and PhD in the Pharmacology Department (long before the dawn of the Neuroscience Degree Programme!). I have lots of fond memories – and it was my experiences and confidence obtained at Bristol, that ultimately led to me co-founding Hello Bio. And many members of our team here are also Bristol alumni! Bristol has always shone for its advances in neuroscience, thanks to its dedicated and talented team of researchers, staff and students – I wish everyone the best for a great day!"

Speakers will include Professor Graham Collingridge who is a member of the Hello Bio's Scientific Advisory Board, and Professor Emma Robinson of the School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience. Professor Matt Jones will speak about the highlights of Neuroscience advances at Bristol, and Dr Emma Cahill and Dr Mike Ashby will share their personal reflections. Current members of the Neuroscience Society and student alumni will also give their personal perspectives, and there will also be an opportunity for alumni networking.

Find out more about the event here: https://www.bristol.ac.uk/alumni/events/2023/20-years-of-neuroscience-bsc-programme-celebration.html


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