10 Great Podcasts by Scientists

10 Great Podcasts by Scientists
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10 Great Podcasts by Scientists

Since their initial launch in the early 2000s, the popularity of podcasts has continued to grow, with a huge range of audio packages now available on almost every topic imaginable. The number of science-themed podcasts on the market is ever-increasing, with something to entertain and educate STEM enthusiasts at every level. 

In addition to the award-winning celebrity hosts and big-name interview guests there are hundreds of great podcasts being produced by working scientists around the world. Our Podcasts by Scientists feature has been shining a spotlight on some of the podcasts produced by busy life scientists who take time away from the lab to get behind a microphone, make their voices heard and discuss the topics they are most passionate about.

In no particular order, here are ten great podcasts created by scientists that we think are well worth a listen…


1. The Lonely Pipette

This hugely popular podcast focuses on producing engaging interviews and sharing valuable advice to help scientists ‘do better science’. Hosts Renaud Pourpre and Jonathan Weitzman speak to inspiring researchers from around the world to find out more about their lives, careers, work habits, and to share their tips for others.


2. The Caring Scientist

The Caring Scientist is a fantastic audio series which aims to create awareness about the environmental impact of laboratory work and to provide hands-on tips on how to reduce it. Creators Nikoline Borgermann and Adriana Wolf Perez are passionate about promoting sustainability in science and use the format to raise awareness of useful solutions to the problem of environmental waste in STEM.


3. The Lead Candidate

Dr Simona Carbone of Monash University created The Lead Candidate podcast as a way to start conversations and learn from those in different leadership positions in science. The series aims to understand what qualities and experiences make a great leader through insightful interviews.


4. The Genomics Lab

Created by PhD candidates Olivia Grant and Eleanor Watson of the University of Essex, this podcast is a fantastic interview series discussing current research in the field of Genomics. Launched in January 2021, each episode features interviews with researchers in the field of genomics who discuss their current papers, their research techniques, the latest breakthroughs in the field, and more.


5. Science Rehashed

Created by founders Mehdi Jorfi and Shen Ning and supported by a passionate team of staff and ambassadors, the Science Rehashed podcast aims to make recent scientific breakthroughs and their impacts more accessible to the public and to other scientists around the world. By producing a free podcast and sharing interviews with authors at the forefront of scientific research publications, they hope to make the latest scientific developments and discoveries available to everyone.


6. Unravelling Science

Postdoctoral researcher Dr Megan Hanlon of Trinity College Dublin is the creator and host of the Unravelling Science podcast. This audio series delves into scientific research and unravels the stories that shaped the science. With nearly 50 episodes in the archives, the podcast delves into each interviewee’s personality as well as their scientific reputation, with the aim of showing a different side of the scientist through their personal journey.


7. The Struggling Scientists

PhD students Suzanne Van Wouw and Jayron Habibe are the brains behind The Struggling Scientists podcast which highlights the many challenges faced by scientists today. As well as providing tips and tricks for PhD students, the passionate podcasting duo aim to explain some exciting science along the way!


8. BrainCast

Produced by students at the University of Sussex, UK, this interview-based podcast aims to showcase the breadth of innovation and creativity across psychology and neuroscience within the University of Sussex, and beyond! The podcast hopes to provide a bridge between student-researcher communication to assist the transmission of Sussex-led neuroscientific research to students, as well as appealing to the wider neuroscience community.


9. Darwin’s Black Book

This brilliant science podcast was created by PhD student Rebekah J White and zoologist Tom Land with the aim of making the subject of evolution more accessible, debunking myths, and providing a few laughs along the way!


10. I Belong Here

Created by biomedicine lecturer Dr Noelia Falcón of the University of East Anglia, this podcast is a wonderful audio celebration of women in STEM! The interview series aims to showcase and share the stories of female scientists from all around the world, while inspiring the next generation to follow their dreams.


More inspirational podcasts and resources

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