10 Funny Science Songs You Need To Hear

10 Funny Science Songs You Need To Hear
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By Sam Roome PhD
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10 Funny Science Songs You Need To Hear

Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, the popularity of musical comedy has gone through the roof and we just can’t resist a funny song - especially the ones that are science-themed! The internet is packed with hilarious parodies, topical tunes and satirical numbers, but we’ve picked out ten of our favourite science-themed songs to put a smile on your face!

From professional performers to uni students, from postdoc problems to the life of Charles Darwin, these are the ten songs that make us chuckle the most...

1. ‘Postdoc Me Now’ by Neuro Transmissions

The perfect postdoc-themed parody

This brilliant spoof of a Queen classic went straight to our number 1 spot the moment we watched it! With a brilliantly produced video, the song tells a relatable tale of frustration for researchers who are ready to move on in their careers! Follow the Neuro Transmissions team around the lab as they share their postdoc problems. It’s impossible not to sing along!

2. ‘CRISPR-Cas9’ by A Capella Science

Putting a modern twist on a 1950s classic

Tim Blais of A Capella Science is probably one of the most prolific producers of science song parodies on YouTube. His channel is packed with clever versions of well-known songs, from current chart hits to retro classics like this CRISPR-themed version of ‘Mr Sandman’ by The Chordettes. Enjoy his high-pitched vocal wizardry as he begs CRISPR-Cas9 to “bring him a gene”!

3. ‘Part Of Your Lab’ by Florence Schecter

A science spin on a Disney ballad

Disney fans will appreciate this Little Mermaid parody performed brilliantly by comedian and science communicator Florence Schecter. She shares her dreams of being “where the postdocs are” when in reality she’s a student who’s stuck making the teas. She’s got “pipettes and fridges aplenty” (and western blots? she’s got twenty!) but all she wants is to be part of your lab!

4. ‘The Neuron Song’ by Jason Sager

A passionate piano anthem celebrating the neuron

We absolutely love this live performance of ‘The Neuron Song’ - a parody of Kelly Clarkson’s classic ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’. Written as a mid-term gift for his American University students, Assistant Professor Dave Jangraw enlisted the help of New York-based singer-songwriter Jason Sager to help produce this passionate anthem to the neuron.

5. ‘Lab Rules’ by AsapScience

Remember the rules with a little help from Dua Lipa

Staying safe in the lab is made that little bit easier with this funny parody from the team at AsapScience. Dua Lipa’s worldwide hit ‘New Rules’ gets a hilarious rewrite to include advice on suitable footwear, tying back long hair, and being careful not to breathe too deeply in the lab!

6. ‘A Neuroscience Love Song’ by Skunk Bear

A love song about our devotion to oxytocin

This cute little love song explains the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies when we fall in love. Written and performed by Adam Cole of NPR, this original song gently leads us through the effects of oxytocin, dopamine, and how a stress response causes the feeling of ‘butterflies’ in our tummies when we’re falling for somebody.

7. ‘The Lab Song’ by The Cohenford Lab

A lazy day in the lab for Marshall University students

Bruno Mars is next to receive the parody treatment as this group of US students create their own version of ‘The Lazy Song’. With over 17million views on YouTube, this low-budget music video obviously struck a chord with a lot of lab researchers who relate to those days when you’re just not feeling motivated. So put your feet up and nod your head along to this one!

8. ‘Evo-Devo’ by A Capella Science

Find out how a lizard’s feet grow through evo-devo

Another brilliant a capella creation from Tim Blais, this time borrowing from one of the biggest worldwide hits of recent years, ‘Despacito’. In this parody, Tim uses the latin hit song to explain evolutionary development biology and how we go from single cells to people.

9. ‘Wanna Know More’ by Science With Tom

Expressing her passion for science through song

Middle school science teacher Tom McFadden and Stanford geneticist Alex Dainis walk us through a tricky encounter with an enthusiastic female scientist and her sceptical date. She explains how there’s “so much left still to discover” to the tune of Adele’s ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’ in this great parody. We particularly enjoyed the explanation of the ‘streetlight effect’ in her quest to “get that data”.

10. ‘Charles Darwin’s Evolution Song’ by Horrible Histories

Natural selection ch-ch-changes everything

No list of brilliant science songs would be complete without a nod to the team at the BBC’s Horrible Histories, who have been producing hilarious and educational history videos, skits and sketches for many years. Our favourite is their tribute to the great Charles Darwin, as the man himself explains his life and work through a perfect pastiche of David Bowie’s ‘Changes’.


“Hey! What about…”

Tell us about the songs we’ve missed! Which are your favourite funny science songs? Maybe you’ve had a go at writing your own! Share in the comments or tweet us at @hello_bio!


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