Top Ten Science News Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Top Ten Science News Accounts to Follow on Twitter
6 years ago

Top Ten Science News Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Are you an avid science news reader like us? If you’re reading this, of course you are! Like a lot of people, we find that Twitter is a terrific way to keep up to date with what’s going on not only in life sciences, but in the wider world of science too.

We’ve put together a Science News list of all our favourite accounts, which you can subscribe to here, and in this post we’ve rounded up our ten favourite accounts. They aren’t in any particular order, because we find them all so interesting in their own way that we couldn’t possibly rank them!

If you have any suggestions of accounts to add to our Science News list, tweet us @hello_bio and let us know! Here are our ten favourites…

1. @NatureNews

@NatureNews is the Twitter feed for news and opinion from the news team at Nature, the international journal of science. From the latest discoveries in life science, to expert opinion pieces, to book reviews, you’ll find a wealth of great reading (and listening, via @NaturePodcast) here.

2. @newscientist

We had to include @newscientist, even though it’s one that we’re pretty certain everyone in the industry follows. From climate change to outer space, and medical breakthroughs to the weird and wonderful, this is one of the ultimate sources for the latest news in all fields of science.

3. @BBCScienceNews

With our headquarters in the UK we may be biased, but @BBCScienceNews is one of the most authoritative sources out there for the latest news in science – and one we’re sure to check in with most days. Not only is their Twitter feed great for keeping up with industry developments and leading to further reading – it’s also super interesting for the non-scientific community too.

4. @ReutersScience

From the astronomical to the latest developments in nanotechnology, as well as topics such as business news and Bitcoin, @ReutersScience is essential reading for the most up-to-date global science news.

5. @TheScientistLLC

The official Twitter account of The Scientist Magazine, here you’ll not only find links to their latest articles but also interesting science-focused content from the likes of The Washington Post, ScienceNews and more.

6. @neurosciencenew

The official Twitter account for Neuroscience News, @neurosciencenew covers essential topics for neuroscientists including the latest brain research news, neuroscience jobs, neuroscience forums, student resources, events and more.

7. @NewsfromScience

@NewsfromScience covers the latest stories from all fields of science, with tweets brought to you by the @sciencemagazine news team. Their weekly round up of the top science stories of the week is especially useful for busy PhDs and postdocs!

8. @science

They've definitely got the best Twitter handle in the business. @science brings you the latest news from Science, Space & Robots ( – and that’s exactly the sort of stories you’ll find here!

9. @ScienceChannel

If you’re into videos, GIFs, motivational quotes, and entertaining updates then @ScienceChannel is the account you want to follow. Their feed brings you thought-provoking updates from Science Channel and other publications, including content like this festive advice from Mythbusters:

10. @NASA

Last but by no means least, we always love checking in with NASA on Twitter. For fellow space geeks like us, here you’ll find fascinating news updates, as well as spectacular footage and images from their spacecraft. (If you’re on Instagram, we highly recommend following them at @nasa too.)

If we’ve missed your favourite Science News account, let us know by tweeting @hello_bio and we’ll be sure to include them in our Twitter list.

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