Hello Bio launches first photoactive mGlu5 NAM analgesic

10 Aug 2017

SynapseHello Bio announced today the launch of JF-NP-26 (Caged-Raseglurant) - the first photoactive mGlu5 negative allosteric modulator (NAM) that allows optical control of analgesia in vivo.

Scientists at the University of Barcelona have shown that systemic administration of JF-NP-26 (Caged-Raseglurant), followed by local LED-based illumination, induces JF-NP-26-mediated light-dependent analgesia both in neuropathic and in acute/tonic inflammatory pain models. This is the first example of optical control of analgesia in vivo using a photocaged mGlu5 receptor negative allosteric modulator.

There are lots of ‘firsts’! JF-NP-26 (Caged-Raseglurant) is the first photoactive mGlu5 negative allosteric modulator that allows optical control of analgesia. And - we are the first supplier to make JF-NP-26 (Caged-Raseglurant) available to the research community. The availability of this fascinating novel tool should open up the field of analgesic research - providing the potential for precisely targeting endogenous receptors, in time and space. This should help the development of clinical tools for better management of pain-related disorders.

Steve Roome PhD, Managing Director and Founder, Hello Bio

JF-NP-26 (Caged-Raseglurant) joins a range of fluorescent and caged compounds, including MNI-caged L-glutamate, RuBi-glutamate and the unique CellAura range of fluorescent ligands.


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Further information

Full details of the Barcelona study can be found in: Font et al (2017) Optical control of pain in vivo with a photoactive mGlu5 receptor negative allosteric modulator eLife. 2017; 6: e23545

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