Let us make it for you with our Chemical Custom Synthesis Services

  • chemical custom synthesis serviceAre you looking for bulk quantities of an agonist, antagonist, inhibitor or activator?
  • Maybe you need a water-soluble version?
  • Perhaps you require a specialist life science tool that is not commercially available?
  • Or are you looking to design your own molecule from scratch?

If you do – then the Hello Bio Custom Synthesis team may be able to help. With our own manufacturing facility, we specialise in offering high quality, rapid and cost-effective chemistry services for pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemistry and life-science related industries, and offer:

  • Synthetic chemistry
  • Chemical research & development
  • Chemical consultancy
  • Analytical & purification services 

Why choose our team?

Based in purpose built labs in the UK and with decades of synthetic and manufacturing chemistry expertise, we know what we are doing! We have a wealth of of experience working in the synthetic chemistry field – including commercial settings (such as Tocris Bioscience, Abcam and GE Healthcare), the pharmaceutical industry and academia. As such we offer…

  • A unique range of skills – complex and routine projects are undertaken
  • High quality products – meeting your specifications
  • Rapid and reactive response – delivery tailored to the urgency of your deadlines
  • Superior communication – tailored to your own preferences

Synthetic chemistry

synthetic chemistryWe have experience in many types of chemistry and examples of the type of projects we undertake are:

  • Receptor ligands 
  • Signaling agents 
  • Amino acids 
  • Analogues
  • Fluorescent labelling
  • Impurities 
  • Metabolites 
  • Nucleic acids 
  • Peptides 
  • Reference standards 
  • Radiochemical precursors
  • Stable labeled compounds 
  • Steroids

Chemical research & development

Where chemistry is novel, or has no solid precedent, you can take advantage of our rich pool of research experience. We can provide innovative and efficient solutions to a variety of challenging projects including:

  • Route & process development – to improve troublesome procedures, or to identify the best route for manufacture at scale
  • Route design and synthesis – of novel analogues of lead molecules for optimisation studies

We can carry out the chemistry for you, or you can choose to access our chemistry consultancy services, where we provide routes and advice, but without the chemistry! 

Analytical and purification services

We offer a wide range of purification and analytical techniques including NMR, HPLC and mass spectrometry. Our skilled analytical chemists are experienced in carrying out and interpreting analytical techniques and data.


chemical research and developmentCommunication is a vital part of our custom synthesis service, and no project is undertaken until the communication framework has been agreed. You will be allocated a project manager, who will ensure that you receive the updates that you require, at a frequency, and in a format that you choose.

How much will it cost?

We offer a choice of contracts and pricing structures, and will work with you to develop the most cost-effective method for your particular project.

If you would like to chat through your ideas or requirements, please contact our custom chemistry team