Apply for our travel awards - it's easy!

Apply for our travel awards - it's easy!
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7 years ago

Apply for our travel awards - it's easy!

Every month we award a travel grant of $500 to a post-graduate attending a scientific conference.

The application process is very straightforward and quick. There are no complicated rules or terms and conditions – you just need to be a post-graduate attending a relevant conference, and be able to tell us why you think you deserve it. However, to make it fair to all, there are just a few requirements:

  • you need to be a current post-graduate
  • you must provide a detailed breakdown of what the money will be used for, and what funding (if any) you have already obtained. Things we are looking for are direct travel costs, or registration fees - not your beer supply for the week!
  • and finally - after you have submitted your application, we will need a short statement from your supervisor / PI to confirm your application.

That's it! Assuming the above requirements are met, we will enter you into the monthly draw - so go ahead, apply today and you might be lucky!

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