Hello Bio launches ‘ready-made’ cesium gluconate for electrophysiologists

20 Jul 2017

electrophysiologyHello Bio announced today the launch of cesium gluconate - a novel tool for electrophysiologists wishing to make internal (intracellular) solutions for patch clamp experiments, efficiently and quickly.

Electrophysiologists routinely use a technique called ‘patch clamping’ to study the behavior of single or multiple ion channels and the electrical properties of cells. Patch clamp recording uses a glass micropipette called a patch pipette as a recording electrode – this can be filled with an ‘intracellular’ or internal solution.

Traditionally, to make a cesium gluconate based intracellular solution, researchers would have to prepare their own – and depending on the chosen method, this could involve mixing reagents, titrating, decolourising, and washing. However, with the availability of ready-made cesium gluconate, these methods are not required, and the cesium gluconate can be added to the solution in one easy step.

We are delighted to be the first supplier of cesium gluconate. It’s ‘ready-made’ so can save electrophysiologists lots of time and effort as they don’t need to make it themselves.  Hello Bio’s ready-made cesium gluconate now makes it that much easier and quicker for electrophysiologists to prepare their own cesium-gluconate based internal (intracellular) solutions..

Steve Roome PhD, Managing Director and Founder, Hello Bio

Cesium gluconate joins a range of affordable and high quality tools for electrophysiologists including D-AP5, tetrodotoxin citrate, NBQX disodium salt, QX-314 and Kynurenic acid sodium salt.


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