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Name AG 490
Alternative names Tyrphostin AG 490
Purity >99%
Description Selective EGF receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor
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Biological Data

Biological description Selective EGF receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor. Inhibits EGFR and ErbB2 (IC50 values are 2 and 13.5 µM respectively). Inhibits JAK2, JAK3/STAT, JAK3/AP-1 and JAK3/MAPK signaling pathways. Inhibits IL-2-induced T cell proliferation. Shows anti-cancer actions.

Solubility & Handling

Storage instructions Room temperature
Solubility overview Soluble in DMSO (100mM) or ethanol (20mM)
Important This product is for RESEARCH USE ONLY and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic use. Not for human or veterinary use.



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More Info

Chemical Data

Purity >99%
Chemical name (E)-2-Cyano-3-(3,4-dihydrophenyl)-N -(phenylmethyl)-2-propenamide
Molecular Weight 294.31
Chemical structure AG 490  [133550-30-8] Chemical Structure
Molecular Formula C17H14N2O3
CAS Number 133550-30-8
PubChem identifier 5328779

References for AG 490

References are publications that support the biological activity of the product
  • JAK3, STAT, and MAPK signaling pathways as novel molecular targets for the tyrphostin AG-490 regulation of IL-2-mediated T cell response.

    Wang LH et al (1999) J Immunol 162(7) : 3897-904.
  • Inhibition of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia by a Jak-2 inhibitor.

    Meydan N et al (1996) Nature 379(6566) : 645-8.
  • Tyrphostins. 2. Heterocyclic and alpha-substituted benzylidenemalononitrile tyrphostins as potent inhibitors of EGF receptor and ErbB2/neu tyrosine kinases.

    Gazit A et al (1991) J Med Chem 34(6) : 1896-907.

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