Transporters are integral transmembrane proteins involved in the movement of ions, small molecules, peptides, lipids or macromolecules, such as another protein, across a biological membrane. The energy required for active transport processes is obtained by hyrdolyzing ATP or by utilising ion gradients. The three major classes of ATP-driven transporters are: P-type ATPases (eg. Ca2+-ATPases and Na+,K+-ATPases); F-type or V-type ATPases and ATP-binding cassette transporters. The solute carrier family of transporters include the biogenic amine transporters (NET, DAT and SERT) the Na+/H+ exchanger, glutamate transporters (EAAT) and GABA transporters (GAT).  Researchers can save up to 50% on transporter blockers and inhibitors from Hello Bio – they are up to half the price of other suppliers and have been reviewed and cited by researchers worldwide.

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    β-lactam antibiotic. Increases EAAT2 activity.




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