Sylvie Lachkar is nominated in the Lab Heroes Awards - TM

Sylvie Lachkar, U11838/Team Kroemer, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, France

15 Nov 2023
Sylvie Lachkar, U11838/Team Kroemer, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, France

"Sylvie is the best (especially for westerns ;)) - I hope to continue working at the CRC, and that we can continue to work together! (And she definitely deserves to win!)"

Nominated by Marie Valet, Gustave Roussy, France


"She’s just incredible, she makes the lab run so well and a happy place."

Nominated by Lucille Ferret, INSERM, France


"A lab needs to work well, and there is always a person behind that making sure we have everything we need, and in our lab that's Sylvie!! Always worried about what it's missing, broken and needs repair, small things we need to buy or things we do not find. The every day experiments wouldn't be possible without her... I mean, she is in charge of buying the eppendorfs and well plates for culture, I think that says everything :) "

Nominated by Flavia Lambertucci, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, INSERM, France


"Sylvie is an engineer passionate about her work and with a high commitment to science and society (for example she volunteered at the hospital during the Covid period)."

Nominated by Chiara Maiuri, UMRS1138, INSERM, France


"Sylvie is one of the kindest people you woud ever meet in your life. For work or social life, it's a breath of fresh air. If she senses that you are in distress, she will be there for you no matter what it takes, because she cares about others. How many times have I seen a doctoral student drowning in work and Sylvie arriving, wait a moment we're going to start from the beginning."

Nominated by Vincent Carbonnier, UMRS1138, INSERM, France


"For generations she's been named "the mom of the lab", repeatedly saving everybody. She is the Queen of Western blots, of MaxiPreps and of chocolate cakes. She deserves recognition!"

Nominated by Léa Montégut, U11838/Team Kroemer, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, France


"In our big family-lab, Sylvie is a passionate, always smiling and hard-working colleague. She is extremely competent and delightful, willing to offer suggestions and guidance to the whole team. In addition, Sylvie is above all a wonderful woman, a fantastic mom and a precious friend for all the people in the lab. Sylvie really deserves it."

Nominated by Fatima De Palma, UMRS1138/Team Kroemer, Centre De Recherche des Cordeliers INSERM, France