Ivan Tourtourikov is nominated in the Lab Heroes Awards - TM

Ivan Tourtourikov, IMDL Genome Centre Bulgaria - Department of Nutrigenomics, IMDL Genome Centre Bulgaria, Bulgaria

16 Nov 2023
Ivan Tourtourikov, IMDL Genome Centre Bulgaria - Department of Nutrigenomics, IMDL Genome Centre Bulgaria, Bulgaria

"As the Head of Laboratory of IMDL Genome Centre Bulgaria, it is with immense pride and enthusiasm that I nominate Ivan Tourtourikov for the Lab Heroes Awards™ 2023. Ivan has been an invaluable member of our team, demonstrating an extraordinary blend of technical prowess and teamwork skills that truly sets him apart in the field of molecular genetics.

Ivan's technical expertise is nothing short of remarkable and multi-faceted. His proficiency in sequencing, variant interpretation, bioinformatics, and computer skills has greatly advanced our team’s capabilities. He is always happy to lend a hand and share his skills with the other members of staff, and he has been an inspiration to a number of our interns, some of which have continued on to full-time positions with us. His professional interests in the fields of pharmacogenomics and exome sequencing make him an invaluable asset not only to our lab but also to our patients, who benefit from his counseling and support. Ivan’s communication skills are superb, as he has been able to articulate complex genetic concepts to all team members, regardless of their background. This has fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation of our work across departments, enhancing the collaborative spirit in our lab.

I believe Ivan should win the Lab Heroes Awards™ 2023 because he has earned the recognition, and he would be able to put the award money to good use. He is always on the lookout for teaching courses and conferences that would help him enhance his skills and connect with other professionals in the field. There have been numerous cases where he has funded his participation out of his own pocket. Ivan’s willingness to invest in his own professional development sets him apart, as he does not keep the knowledge he has gained to himself, and he is also not afraid to help us foster professional relationships with other institutions, which has led to several professional collaborations.

In summary, Ivan Tourtourikov is not just a skilled molecular geneticist but a true hero in our laboratory. His technical brilliance, openness, and generosity profoundly enrich our work environment, making them an ideal candidate for the Lab Heroes Awards™ 2023. Their nomination is a way for our lab to express our gratitude for his continued loyalty and contribution to our institution and the positive impact they have on everyone around them."

Nominated by Albena Todorova, IMDL Genome Centre Bulgaria, IMDL Genome Centre Bulgaria, Bulgaria