Fanny Farrugia is nominated in the Lab Heroes Awards - TM

Fanny Farrugia, Inserm U1215 Neurocentre Magendie, France

15 Nov 2023
Fanny Farrugia, Inserm U1215 Neurocentre Magendie, France

"Fanny is engineer in Dr Abrous team at the Neurocentre Magendie (Inserm U1215) which is part of Bordeaux Neurocampus. As lab manager, she manages various important tasks in parallel with scientific experiments.

Fanny takes care of lab stocks. She manages quotes, orders and budgets of the team. No one has ever lacked anything for their experiences. She knows how to anticipate! She also interacts with the administrative services and writes applications for government approvals (Genetically Modified Organism).

As mentioned, Fanny is involved in several scientific projects of the team. At the heart of our research project, she produces essential biological tools for us: rabies and retroviruses coupled to innovative techniques like DREADD (Designer Receptors exclusively Activated by Designer Drug) or optogenetic. We can say that she is, on her own, “our specialized platform”. She contributes to almost all the publications of the team (4 in the last two years, including high impact factor journals: Progress in Neurobiology, Nature communications and Molecular Psychiatry). She also implements innovative in vitro protocols such as cultures of adult hippocampal neural precursor cells. She has been an expert in cell culture for many years. And, for experimental purposes, she doesn’t hesitate to learn new techniques in molecular biology, immunological assay (ELISA: Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) or electrophysiology (patch clamp, MEA: MicroElectrode Arrays) for example. Her daily interactions in the lab and weekly in meetings with all of us (researchers, technicians, students) and her scientific productions allow us to advance our research successfully.

Fanny tries to provide the most optimal working environment possible, welcoming and motivating. She also trains students and staff. She enjoys sharing her scientific work and introducing the world of research to the public.

Fanny is also a safety manager for our team. She advises Health and Safety guidelines, and she explains to the newbies what not to do and what is required for laboratory work.

Moreover, she also belongs to an association supported by Inserm, she organizes social and cultural activities for all the staff of the South West of France.

Every day, Fanny brings to the lab her enthusiasm, rigorous organization, listening skills and scientific competences. She always helps collaborators in the team, in the institute and outside. We are lucky to have Fanny as our Lab Manager, she is definitely my right-hand woman for my research!"

Nominated by Emilie Pacary, Neurogenesis and Pathophysiology, Inserm U1215 Neurocentre Magendie, France


"Fanny is enthusiastic, well organized, has listening skills and scientific competences. She always helps collaborators in the team, in the institute and outside."

Nominated by Hugues Subervie, Subervie Assurances, France


"Fanny est toujours motivée et apporte une énergie positive pour tous ces collègues!!!"

Nominated by Stephane Da Silva, INSERM, France


"Fanny is a crucial member of our research team because she, among many many other things, produces our viral and biological tools which are vital for our research. With her expertise in molecular biology, her neat sense of organization and her adaptability, we never lack of anything in the lab. Her crucial role in the team is highlighted with her contribution in many papers, posters and presentation from the team. Fanny is also a great trainer, she happily mentored many interns from various paths and perfectly teaches to others Fanny's good energy, guidance and rigor is more than appreciated !"

Nominated by Estelle Cartier, Neurocentre Magendie - INSERM U1215, France


"Fanny is the best collaborator you could have!! Through her values ​​of loyalty and honesty, she involves in the team and does all that she can to help the team. Her strengths are to be organized, methodical, energetic with a lot of kindness, this allows us to find our place at her side. Fanny is a person who likes to take on challenges and goes all the way to carrying out her project. Being around Fanny is daily happiness..."

Nominated by Virginie Morales, INSERM U1215 Neurocentre Magendie, INSERM, France


"Fanny Farrugia, our Lab Manager at Neurocentre Magendie, is a key figure in our research team. Her meticulous organization ensures smooth lab operations, managing stocks, quotes, orders, and budgets efficiently. Beyond administrative tasks, Fanny is a valuable scientific contributor.

As a matter of facts, as a PhD student, I could not do my work without the valuable help of Fanny. She crafts important biological tools for our projects, showcasing expertise in innovative techniques. Her adaptability shines through as she learns new molecular and electrophysiological methods.

Fanny's influence extends to safety management and community engagement. She guides the team in safety protocols and actively contributes to social and cultural activities.

In essence, Fanny's practical skills, organizational abilities, and scientific expertise make her an invaluable member of our research team."

Nominated by Pierre Mortessagne, Neurocentre Magendie, INSERM U1215, France


"I've been working with Fanny for just over a year now. I trust her and can count on her when I need her. She knows how to organize her work optimally, and how to find time for others.

I know her way of working, and send her requests for internships. Her last trainee was very happy, and learned a lot, it was very enriching, Fanny allowed her to evolve very quickly.

What's more, Fanny is very patient and precise in all her work.

She's a good listener, and knows how to adapt what she says to the people in front of her.

Fanny brings a lot of good things to the laboratory, as well as to the INSERM works committee.

It's a real pleasure to work with her, and I hope to do so for a few more years to come."

Nominated by Elina Casas, BioTis U1026, INSERM, France


"I had the chance to work with Fanny for several years during my phD.

She is an extremely competent engineer, efficient and insightful in her work. With high-level expertise, she has today become the central pillar of her team. Beyond her technical and intellectual skills, fanny is a person totally invested in her work, generous, honest and always available and attentive to others.

For all these reasons, I strongly support the candidacy of Fanny Farrugia for thé Lab Heroes Awards."

Nominated by Tiphaine Dolique, Inovarion, France