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Name ICG 001
Purity >98%
Description Selective, competitive inhibitor of β-catenin/CBP interaction
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Biological Data

Biological description Selective and competitive inhibitor of β-catenin/ CREB-binding protein (CBP) interaction (IC50 = 3.0 µM). Exhibits little activity on β-catenin/p300. Also inhibits TGF-β1 induced α-SMA induction. Displays cardioprotective and apoptosis inducing properties.

Solubility & Handling

Storage instructions -20°C
Solubility overview Soluble in DMSO (100mM) or ethanol (50mM)
Important This product is for RESEARCH USE ONLY and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic use. Not for human or veterinary use.



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Chemical Data

Purity >98%
Chemical name (6S,9aS)-Hexahydro-6-[(4-hydroxyphenyl)methyl]-8-(1-naphthalenylmethyl)-4,7-dioxo-N-(phenylmethyl)-2H-pyrazino[1,2-a]pyrimidine-1(6H)-carboxamide
Molecular Weight 548.63
Chemical structure ICG 001  [780757-88-2] Chemical Structure
Molecular Formula C33H32N4O4
CAS Number 780757-88-2
PubChem identifier 11238147
SMILES O=C1CCN(C(NCC5=CC=CC=C5)=O)[C@]2([H])N1[C@@H](CC6=CC=C(O)C=C6)C(N(CC3=C(C=CC=C4)C4=CC=C3)C2)=O

References for ICG 001

References are publications that support the biological activity of the product
  • The small molecule Wnt signaling modulator ICG-001 improves contractile function in chronically infarcted rat myocardium.

    Sasaki T et al (2013) PLoS One 8(9) : e75010.
  • Interactions between β-catenin and transforming growth factor-β signaling pathways mediate epithelial-mesenchymal transition and are dependent on the transcriptional co-activator cAMP-response element-binding protein (CREB)-binding protein (CBP)

    Zhou B et al (2012) J Biol Chem 287(10) : 7026-38.
  • ICG-001, a novel small molecule regulator of TCF/beta-catenin transcription.

    Eguchi M et al (2005) Med Chem 1(5) : 467-72.
  • A small molecule inhibitor of beta-catenin/CREB-binding protein transcription [corrected].

    Emami KH et al (2004) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 101(34) : 12682-7.

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