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Important update: EU Office now open for EU customers!

Responding to the Brexit situation, customers in the EU can now order from our new EU office, located close to Dublin, in Ireland.
Please update the details on your purchasing systems.

The new office details are below:

Email (remains unchanged):
Tel (remains unchanged): +44(0)117 318 0505
Fax (remains unchanged): +44(0)117 981 1601
Website (remains unchanged):

Mailing address:
Hello Bio Limited
Unit 8D
Dunshaughlin Business Park
County Meath
Republic of Ireland

Company number 642982

How do I place an order if I am in the EU?
Continue to order via your usual channels (online, email, or fax). From the 4th January 2021, orders from customers in the EU will be dispatched from the EU office. You will receive an invoice from our EU office, and payments should be made to the EU office (new bank details will be provided on invoices).

How will this affect delivery times to customers in the EU?
Customers in the EU should see no change in delivery times for standard in stock items. The standard shipping fee remains at €21 and as before, dispatch is typically within 1-3 working days with a transit time of typically 24h.


General Buying FAQs

How to order Hello Bio products

For customers in the EU

Customers in the EU will be invoiced from our EU office, near Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland.

For customers in the USA, Canada and South America

Customers in the USA, Canada and South Amercia will be invoiced from our US office, in Princeton New Jersey.

For customers in the UK and Rest of the World

Customers in the UK and Rest of the World will be invoiced from our UK office, in Bristol, UK.

For customers wishing to use local distributors

Hello Bio products are available to order direct from Hello Bio, as we currently ship direct from our UK Headquarters, our EU office or our US office to all countries worldwide. However, we do have a number of local distributors for customers who prefer to order in this way. View our distributors

Brexit reassurance for EU customers

We would like to reassure customers that the opening of our new EU office will ensure, our continued excellent service, fast delivery and low prices for our customers in the EU.

Covid-19 pandemic: update

As nearly all of our products are made by our in-house chemists and our supply chains are carefully managed, we can reassure customers that the current Covid-19 outbreak should not affect stock supplies of our products. We also anticipate that we have enough stocks to cater for any increased demand of our products that might occur if other suppliers experience problems with their product supply chains. We are monitoring the situation carefully, and will keep you informed of any updates.

In situations where customers' institutions need to shut for covid related reasons, we offer a pre-order service. You can place orders now, for delivery at a later date. Simply add a note to your order, or email your local customer care team stating your expected return date. Our team will contact you before your order is dispatched to check that you are still able to receive your product. We will invoice when the order is dispatched, or at an earlier date if that is preferable.

We use FEDEX and DHL to ship our products, so as long as these couriers are still in operation, and shipping to and within your country, we will be able to ship to you. At the time of writing, we are unaware of any restrictions on the transport of goods across borders, and transit times are currently unaffected. You can read Fedex's response to the coronovirus here, and DHL's here.

We have put in place the following measures to ensure that Hello Bio is able to fulfil your order:

All staff are following their local government advice, which includes:

  • Strict hygiene measures
  • Avoiding unnecessary contact,
  • Avoiding non-essential travel
  • Working from home where possible
  • and implementing self-isolation if anyone or anyone in the family is unwell

In addition, to this, we have introduced some further measures to protect our staff and our business operations:

Every team member has been allocated into multiple small teams. These teams are working in different zones onsite to avoid contact with one another as much as possible. They do not share kitchen, toilet, laboratory or office space. In addition, we have a number of teams working off-site, so that if one team onsite is unable to work (due to illness or self-isolation), another team can take over.

All products are packaged in clean laboratories, by staff wearing appropriate protective clothing (coats, gloves, safety glasses). Product outer tubes are cleaned with antibacterial wipes. The inner product packaging (within the Fedex box or envelope) is highly unlikely be contaminated with Covid-19. However, you must follow your organisation’s guidelines on receiving deliveries, which may for example include disinfecting or wiping down the outer packaging that you receive from couriers.

Product use

Hello Bio products are strictly for laboratory research and development use only. They are not supplied for pharmaceutical, veterinary, agricultural, household, food, cosmetic or any other use. They are strictly for use by scientifically qualified personnel, who are trained in laboratory procedures, and familiar with the potential hazards of the products. Whilst it is your obligation to abide by these terms of use when placing an order, we also carry out stringent security checks on first time accounts. For more details – please read the legal small print.

First time customers

If you are placing your first order with Hello Bio our customer service team will need to verify your account – very occasionally, this may mean a small delay in your order – but don’t worry – our customer care team will keep you informed every step of the way.

Does Hello Bio have any distributors?

Hello Bio currently ships direct from our UK Headquarters, EU or US office to all countries worldwide. However, we do have a number of local distributors for customers who prefer to order in this way. View our distributors

worldwide delivery

Delivery and charges

We deliver our products to customers all around the world. Products are typically dispatched within 1-3 days working days of placing an order. Our customer care team will let you know if there are any anticipated delays. 

  • The majority of our products are shipped via Fedex, although we use other couriers for certain regions and product types.
  • Our customer care team will send you confirmation of delivery methods and order tracking details when they receive your order.
  • Certain products require shipping on ice, and hazardous products require special shipping and packaging – so delivery charges for these products will vary. Please contact us for details.

    A summary of our delivery charges are below:



Estimated delivery


Standard:  £10


Dispatch: typically within 1-3 working days.

Transit time: typically 48h



Standard:  $35

Dispatch: typically within 1-3 working days.

Transit time: typically 48h

Europe EU


 Standard: €21


Dispatch: typically within 1-3 working days.

Transit time: typically 24h


Asia, Middle East, Rest of the World:

 Standard; £39


Dispatch: typically within 1-3 working days.

Transit time: typically 2-3 days



Does the transit time affect the product?

The quick answer is no - not usually - but here is a little more information to reassure you... 

Antibody products

In our experience, storing antibodies at ambient temperatures (up to 45°C) for 1 week does not affect their activity. However, for your added reassurance, we ship our antibodies with ice packs - this just helps to provide some additional temperature stability in transit. It is normal for the ice pack to be thawed when you receive it but please don’t worry - your product is safe to use. Just make sure that once you have received your antibody, you follow the long-term storage instructions on the product datasheet.

Small molecule biochemicals

The majority of our small molecule biochemicals are known to be stable for the duration of shipping and normal handling. As such, they can be shipped at ambient temperature, even if the vial label reads 'store at +4oC or -20oC'. But again – when your receive your biochemical, please make sure you follow the long-term storage instructions on the label or product datasheet.

Temperature-sensitive products

Some Hello Bio products are known to be temperature sensitive so we ship these on dry ice to maintain their quality during transit. These products are shipped separately from other products on an order and additional shipping/packing charges will apply.


An invoice will be sent electronically to your billing email address. Full payment details will be on the invoice, but the important ones are below:
You can pay by automatic bank transfer, cheque or credit card.
You are liable for all taxes and bank charges
Our payment terms are 30 days NET

Do you need to pay VAT?

Our prices are exclusive of VAT and VAT only applies to customers in the European Union (EU).

For UK Customers, you must pay VAT unless your organization is VAT exempt. In this case a copy of your VAT exemption certificate must be provided with your order. Please check with your purchasing department for more information and fax the certificate to us on +44 (0)0117 9811601

For EU Customers outside the UK you must pay VAT unless your organization is registered and you provide us with the VAT number at the time the order is placed.

How to track orders

Once you have registered for a full online account, and have placed an order, you will receive an email with details of how to track your order. Alternatively, you can view your order progress from the My Orders section of your account.

Country restrictions

Due to local laws, some products are restricted for sale in certain territories, or certain documentation is required for you to purchase the product.. Our Customer Care Team will always contact you, if there are any problems with your order and to guide you through the process.


If you are not completely happy with the quality of your product, we will offer a replacement or full refund, including delivery charges. The process is straight forward and hassle free – simply contact our Customer Service team who will sort it all out for you.
Perhaps you’ve made a mistake – and ordered too many, or even the wrong product? It does happen! Again – we will be happy to refund you the cost of the product(s). However, in these situations, we are unable to refund the delivery charge – we are nice, but not that nice! You do also need to make sure that your product is unopened, and has been stored correctly. Just contact our Customer Service team, and we will talk you through the process.

Read our terms and conditions here